Locked- By: D.e.e.L

Sometimes you try to get somewhere

attempt to not screw up

one last time

one more and you’re gone

sometimes you meet someone

attempt to not screw it up

and you do

and you move on

always looking back and wondering

what did I just lose?

The door is now locked behind you

the chance lying behind it

only the random key of some non-existent moment

something that exists only in the words made up by the creatives

can prevail

facts keeping your world from holding the solid manifestation in your grasp

You can turn the handle


The door is locked

and the key does not exist


  1. Reblogged this on Cinta's Corner and commented:
    I bring you here one more of D.e.e.L’s beautiful and powerful poems. This one especially struck home here. Read it and feel as moved as I felt when reading it. Give him a follow in Twitter as well @Deeliopunk.


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