Resurrection – By: D.e.e.L

If I could leave here
Look back at your faces
How many of you would I see?
What I even be willing to return?
I wonder if she would show her face there
,the poet.
That spark of inspriration that ignited my passion to further
That torment that lead me to dwell on this impossible interest
. Would she wish me to walk again?
I’ve never been good at walking anyway
Always sprinting towards nowhere
For something I can not obtain
. Told her words that meant the world to me
Only to have her walk away seconds later
To answer the the call of another
. Pathetic. Worth nothing. I hold those words inside now.
No one deserves them.
. Looking down I’d hope to see the one I’ve overlooked.
The true person that actually cared.
The poet a distant past, only brought up when I need to thrive.
My resurrection would teach me,
Death never worth the words.

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