GCA4- Blog Swap with Cinta!

My Fourth Blog Swap with Cinta Garcia!

It’s time to release another wonderful story written by my talented writer friend Cinta ( Austenite78 on twitter- Follow Her!) More joint plot points and Adventures with Slappy McDeen and the gang. It has once again been a pleasure to create another story with ideas from both Cinta and myself. Looking forward to having many more Groovy Cool Adventures!


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Explore Cinta’s blog to find my 4th installment to the GCA Series- http://cintascorner.weebly.com/2/post/2012/08/gca4-a-new-adventure-with-deel.html



By: Cinta Garcia


            Mike was sitting at a table in a corner of the karaoke-bar. His karaoke-bar… but right now he didn’t feel the bar was his any longer.

“I would have never decorated my bar like this,” thought Mike, while staring at the polka-dots pattern of the tablecloth.

The polka dots surrounding him kept on distracting him from his train of thoughts. He couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened just two days ago. Finding that little piece of parchment in Janine’s place was disturbing. How many secrets did Janine hold? It was shocking. Who would have thought that the crazy woman who used to destroy song after song every single night was going to be so dangerous?

A terrible noise woke up Mike from his dreamy state with a startle. “William! Are you OK?”

William certainly didn’t look  OK. He was sprawled on the floor, his face covered by the ridiculous polka-dots apron, and his left foot inside his guitar…

“William! Your guitar! YOUR GUITAR!” screamed KT, hysterically.

William fought with the apron till he finally was free of it and looked at Mike. He was staring at him, wide-eyed. William then turned around, looking for KT, and he discovered her horrified look, hands covering her mouth. Finally, he looked at his guitar.

The poor guitar was completely smashed, since William had pushed his foot through it. “Oh no!” exclaimed William. “My most valuable possession! The love of my life!” KT coughed loudly and William rectified, “The second love of my life!” KT coughed a second time, tapping with a finger a Kindle she was holding in her hands, “Oh, the third love of my life!” exclaimed William, looking at KT out of the corner of his eye. KT looked happy. William sighed in relief.

“Yeah, yeah… we all know how fond of your guitar you are,” said Mike, pulling William off the floor. “But there is nothing we can do about it. It is completely destroyed, it is a mess, it is beyond repair, it is so broken that…”

“OK, OK, I got the idea,” sobbed William. He couldn’t believe he had been so clumsy as to trip over a chair and step on his guitar. Next time he gets a guitar he should remember not to leave it on the floor.

“Anyways, it is your fault that I have broken my guitar.”

“My fault? How can it be my fault?” exclaimed a bewildered Mike.

“Yes, your fault! A woman gave me a letter for you and I was going to give it to you when I tripped, so…”

“Hold on a minute… A woman gave you a letter? A letter for me?”

“Yes, a woman gave me a letter for you. It is right here,” said William, stretching his hand out to Mike.

“Are you kidding me?”

“No, why?”

“There is nothing in your hand.”

And it was true. William’s outstretched hand was empty. They realized that the letter should be somewhere on the floor where William had tripped. They searched and searched, but the letter was nowhere to be seen.

“What are you looking for, William?” asked KT, curiosity dancing in her spectacled eyes.

“We are looking for a letter,” said Mike, a bit too brusquely, but he couldn’t help it. KT really got on his nerves.

“Is William your new name?” snapped KT.

“Nope,” said Mike, coldly.

“Then let William speak for himself,” said KT, folding her arms and turning away.

Mike threw an exasperated look to KT, and he got a surprise. He launched himself towards KT, taking her off-guard, struggling with her, trying to reach to her back.

“Oi! What are you doing to my girlfriend?” shouted William, trying to pull Mike apart from KT.

“The letter! She has the letter!” exclaimed Mike. “It is in her back pocket!”

“It’s not a letter. It’s just an envelope! Get off me!” complained KT.

“A letter or an envelope… it doesn’t make any difference. Give it to me!”

“A letter must have an address on it. There is nothing on this one, so it is an envelope.”

“OK then! An envelope it is! But it is MY envelope, so give it to me!”

“Got it!” exclaimed William, before getting the biggest slap ever from KT. “Ouch! Why did you slap me?”

“Because you pinched my… and you are not supposed to do that!”

“Sorry,” said William, looking down. But he wasn’t sorry at all. He saw the opportunity and jumped at it.

“Who serves here?” the booming voice startled them. They looked towards the bar and they saw a red-haired guy, perched on one of the stools.

“I’m coming!” and William ran to the bar. Once he was there and faced the red-haired guy, his face went white. “You!”

“Oh! Look who is here! Isn’t it William? Well, well, this is an unexpected surprise.”

“What are you doing here?”

“Well, I am meeting a certain Slappy McDeen here. I didn’t know I was going to meet you here too,” said the red-haired guy with a cunning smile.

“Hey, William, do you know him?” asked KT, glancing sideways to the red-haired stranger.

“Yes,” whispered William. His face still had an ashen quality. He gulped and, at that same moment, Slappy McDeen entered the karaoke-bar.

“Mike! Mike! Where are you?”

Mike was still in the same place where William and KT had left him. He was staring blankly  in front of him while clutching the letter in one hand. “I am here,” he finally said. It was very difficult to talk with a dry mouth.

Slappy turned towards Mike and headed in his direction, not noticing the red-haired guy at the bar who was calling him.

“He doesn’t listen to me! I have come here just to talk to him and he doesn’t listen to me!” the red haired guy exclaimed angrily.

“He will listen to you soon. Do you want me to do something to keep you entertained while he talks to Mike? I can read one of my poems…”

He couldn’t go on. The red-haired guy jumped over the bar, grabbed William’s arms, shook him violently, and finally punched him in his face. The commotion made Mike react, and he ran to help William, followed closely by Slappy. Both men dived behind the bar and tried to separate them. They managed to do that, and then they had to cover their ears with their hands because KT was piercing the air with her hysterical shrieks after seeing the state of William’s face.

“Stop screaming!” shouted Slappy.

More shrieking, now hysterically waving her arms up and down.

“Stop doing that, I said!”

Piercing shrieks and pulling of her hair.

“Stop or I will break your Kindle!”

KT immediately went silent.

Within the silent bar (all the customers had run away when the brawl started), it was easier to focus on the events at hand.

“Woof! What are you doing here?”

“Don’t play with me, Slappy. You told me to come here.”

“No, I told you to wait for me outside the bar.”

“So what? I was thirsty. And I am glad I entered. Long time since the last time I saw William,” he looked at William viciously.

“Do you know him, William?” asked Mike.

“Yes, he was a bully in my class when I was at High School.”

“Bully? Who are you calling bully?” Woof tried to punch him again, but Slappy twisted his arm behind his back.

“Dear, dear, you should be nicer. If you behave like this, I won’t do any business with you,” said Slappy.

Mike wondered what kind of business Slappy could have with such a vicious bully, but he decided it was none of his business. He was more worried about the content of the letter that was crumpled in his right hand.

“Will you behave if I let go of you?” asked Slappy.

“It depends,” answered Woof, defiantly.

“It depends? It depends on what?”

“If that stupid William says again the word poem, I will have to kill him,” said Woof, quite matter-of-factly.

“Why is that?” asked a horrified Mike.

“Nobody knows why, but he always gets mad when he hears that word, and since I am a poet…” explained William, who was half-hiding behind KT.

“OK, let’s do it like this: William will promise not to say the P word, and Woof will promise not to beat or kill anyone. Deal?” said Slappy.

“Deal,” said William, eagerly.

“Deal,” said Woof, reluctantly.

“Good boys,” said Slappy, mockingly. He let go of Woof, who sat down while rubbing his arm, and added, “Woof, wait here till I finish talking with Mike. Then we can discuss our business.”

“Wait a minute. The nature of our business has changed.”

“What do you mean?”

“Finding William here has been a lucky thing. Let’s say I know things about him that can give an unexpected twist to our business.”

Slappy was more than shocked. He was perplexed beyond words. But now he had to deal with Mike about Janine and the mysterious clues.

“Wait here. It won’t take me long.”

Slappy went towards Mike, who was sitting at a table in a dark corner of the bar.

“Hey, Mike! We need to decide when we are going to go on looking for the next clues. I really want to find that evil Janine…” He stopped talking when he noticed that Mike wasn’t listening to him, toying absent-mindedly with the polka-dots tablecloth. “What’s wrong?”

“Do you remember what the piece of parchment says? The piece of parchment we found when we made Mr. Falcon disappear? When we lost Janine again?”

“Yes, of course I remember. It says, ‘You are close, so close, you just need to find the shore’.

“Exactly,” said Mike, enigmatically.

“So?” Slappy was getting impatient.

“Today a woman came and gave William this letter. She said it was a letter for me.” Mike handed the letter to Slappy, “Read it.”

Slappy took the letter and read it.

You want to find the shore, and that’s important for me.

You want to find the shore. Ask McDeen, since he is the key.

            Slappy finished reading and looked at Mike, whose steele stare was piercing him. Slappy was speechless. He knew who the woman was. You cannot run away from the past. The past always finds you.


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