Dolphin on a Harley – a humorous short short story to last you through the day- D.e.e.L



           His name was Ned and he was a Dolphin, his tail…lol…I mean tale, starts with him on a beach, but then suddenly he isn’t anymore and he is on the sand of the road because a truck tipped over and dumped sand everywhere, so now everyone has to deal with it, but Ned doesn’t want to. Ned is a dolphin of absurd gesture to that of his relatives; he does not like the water as much, well at least not being in it, because in order to stay alive he has to wander around the sand filled streets with bottled water. He gets tired of walking and clotheslines a human driving by on a Harley. Ned gets on the Harley and begins to drive into the sunset that isn’t there because it’s only noon.

            Ned sees a girl dolphin, before or ever realizing that it is actually just a cardboard cut out, he asks out the cut out, and feels he gets rejected. So he goes to the local pub and orders some gluten free chicken wings and a hard cider. Once done he gets back onto the bike he now calls his own. He drives as the wind just makes him feel cold and dry out as he dwindles the thought in his mind of what it would be like to have hair.

            He likes his new ride so much that he goes to a local mechanic and gets flippers installed onto the sides of the bike. He returns to the ocean and shows all of his friends, bragging and laughing at them.

            Ned was a good dolphin, the coolest dolphin, as I, his grandson, hope to be someday. If only I can figure out how to get out of this sunken ship with a typewriter…


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