Selected Poems – By: D.e.e.L

I’ve created this post to show a few of the poems I feel create and make some sort of statement. Is there a favorite poem of yours that I didn’t include? Is there a poem you like? Please let me know in the comments below, Enjoy. – D.e.e.L

Graveyard – By: D.e.e.L

Left the house of friends and fun to take a walk
A walk of air to breathe and life to live
Down the street and turn taken
I was presented forward, two other options too
To the park, to walk the living trees
Or the graveyard, to join the deceased.
I first appraoched the living,
Yet a man with the clanking chain of his dog’s collar
Went before me.
Not wanting to listen I joined where I will end
Walking and meeting new people
Finding the wife that lived forty years after her husbands Death.
That realm of pain and agony I hope to never know
Her family staying close
Her love drained from her eyes
Everyone still loves her.
Benson, a beloved husband and father
In the ground since 1996
I was still just a kid, jumping off dirt mounds as he was being layed into such. I took it for granted.
The trees are all living
Their leaves on the ground
The air is cold
And I sit here
Writing underneath the branches of an Oak.

In Flames – By: D.e.e.L

This moment paused



I try it again
But this time
I walk away
Without giving you
The chance
To engulf my world in flames

Fortunate Sorrow – By: D.e.e.L

What if some voice boomed from thought and truth
And told you that nobody cares for you?
Would life lose meaning?
Would you believe it or drown yourself in doubt?

Does time only slip seconds for the obsession of Love?
Do we only exist to be wanted?

What does it mean to Live?
Where do I find Love?

Slipping, fading, false temptations and kind gestures.
We all ignore the voice and protrude life fragments onto others
Hoping people desire to pick up our pieces
Listen; Create sorrow; Demise


Distant – By: D.e.e.L

Hopscotch of thought

Innocent alcohol leaping

Sadness glooms of radiance

One foot, then two, then two again

Another Sip before glass is Shattered

Upon chalked childhood

Radiance only in memory

Memory only in time too distant to remember

Scotch hopping from square to square

Exist – By: D.e.e.L

Flickering light
A thought.
Happiness seemed within grasp once more
Perhaps only in the forseen
Eyes damaged by the moon
lit as burning day
Pack full of empty boxes of photographs
Nothing makes sense
Twist of faded forshadowing dubbed in subtitles
Ignited memories being drawn upon paper thought to be erased
This place again
I’ve come to love it;
Only because I exist.

Savage – By: D.e.e.L

To this world
To this realm
What is this life that I have not been living?
Who are all these people I will never meet?
Heart pounding
Hands clenched to fists too painful to bare
Holding onto something
That faint glimpse at happiness I once held
The act of it being ripped from my chest
Fueling my passion
Scribing my words from its agony
Where am I now?
Within this world I have been scattered
To whom do I seek to once again feel such bliss?
Savage is such
Becoming someone new was never an option.

Ignite – By: D.e.e.L

Withholding thought
Translucent to the mind
An idea bright as dull
Dull being sharpened by the sun
Beams of what no one else can see
Your eyes existing in the visions
The single spark
Only you can see it
Let the fire burn forever

Red – By: D.e.e.L

Red street lights mean nothing to those of you
Reading this without thought to the living
Ran a stop sign
Regretted nothing from a moment’s past
Red was the color of the street light
Red now covering the street

Meaning – By: D.e.e.L

You drop words
Upon the floor they lay
By my feet I can see them
I pick up a word and try to understand
Why you would drop this word to my feet
And not place it in my hands
I peer down to see what follows
And I understand
These words are meant to exist within visions
These words are not meant to be held

no Words; only Sounds – D.e.e.L

Can a downward spiral

Ever change direction?

Condemned is the fool that doesn’t see you from either side of the cleansed

Though of course too dark has become the glass

Tinted by your lies



Just to say a single word

Shot and shot to build my courage

Now her name escapes me

Never been much for names anyhow


Click sofly

as not to make a noise

as a sound would be a heartbeat

lost to us all


Forever in a moment do I not exist

Lapse of time frail to the pavement of man

Perhaps it be full of gin this time

Forbid me from this world

as I fear that I do not belong within its light



If one could truly walk forever without giving thought to their feet

One could truly live




I couldn’t imagine life without pain until I had to endure it


step towards me without getting any closer

as I hope only to catch a glimpse

of you

the actuality of you

not that person everyone else knows by name

but the nameless goddess

I portray you to be

Any comments are very much enjoyed. Let me know what you think! – D.e.e.L


  1. It is very difficult to pick up just one poem as a favourite one. I truly love all of your poems. However, I read “Fortunate sorrow” at a time when it made me feel especially, so that poem is kind of special. But I cannot really choose a favourite poem. All of them are amazing!


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