“Thus the Victor 2” – Short-Short Story By: D.e.e.L

So, there I was, in the center of the worst possible place to be in the middle of…the “Kingdom of Where The Dragons Live”! I was in the center, using the bathroom before the inevitable battle, sure, I could’ve went outside, but decided not to. I walked out of the bathroom and there they were, staring down at me, the larger, more dangerous dragons that laid the eggs to the dragons I had slain earlier, which caused me to have to drink that bottle of water. The red dragon began the rampage to which the others followed, fire, fire spewing from mouths of hell as the ceiling crumpled in the rage, rocks and boulder sized blocks falling around me as I withdrew my blade. The elemental qualities struck threw as I chanted for water. The metal blade turned quickly into water, then hardened, into dense, deadly ice. They had me surrounded, but just as I was about to be burnt alive a rainbow poured in through one of the holes in the ceiling and a punicorn came valiantly down to aid me, but it was turned to ashes by the red dragon’s flames within seconds.

The dragons once again blared their gaze upon me. The red dragon roars a fireball filled with hate towards me. I stood with my sword piercing betwixt the flames, before it split and thrashed upwards, igniting the faces of the yellow and orange dragons, the blue looked over and the red was angry, and I was able to cut sharply into the red’s foot and send it hounding in pain and crashing into the purple one, where they became covered in the wall as it crumbled following of their harsh slam into it. The yellow and orange dragons were enraged, but now blinded; the blue dragon flew towards me but was hit by the yellow dragon as it tried to do the same. I slit my icicle of a blade across the air and by doing so flew a beam of whispering freezing wind that pushed away both of them and crashed them into the wall where they became covered in their icy tombs. Before the orange dragon could tell what was going on I had already run behind him and was running up his tail as to slice of his head.

Just as I thought to be the victor once more all of the walls of the Kingdom fell into dust. The flapping wings of the monstrous green dragon caused everything to be thrown away as if worthless. Its eyes, its eyes ignited in peeling torment to my own visions of them. Its claws sharpened as one would do to their own blades.

It grunted, looked around, snorted, and then spewed hot demonic hell towards me. My blade once again slicing through the pain. I whisked the blade up and left and halted the presence of the dancing fires. A small chant, before whipping the blade through the air and sending another freezing wind from its iced flesh into a horrible beast. The wind hit the dragon, and the dragon looked as if laughing. A small chant and the ice of my blade became pure electricity, the blade now jagged yellow contortion grapping at the air. I chant, send a zapping doom towards the dragon, and, once again, witness almost a look of pity.

Chant, the yellow becomes ignited, my sword of flames. I run with much intent, dodge blasts of flames that explode around me, jump high into the air and pierce the blade through the once living. Thus I won, thus the victor.

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