Painted Mind – By: D.e.e.L

A mind hollowed out by misfortune
Transforms the sky to paint
The clouds a fresh moist of softened harmony
Droplet of royal endowment
Covers the boundaries of the world gone oblivion
From the dull realism surrounding
Where the realists thrive
Where the clouds are only of bright come the morning
Where the brush of mind does not release from tip to majesty
The acres of your vacant legacy filling quickly with your desires
Large and luminous do the towers fathom to brick
Red and spackled together
Bound around the fluorescent of metallic fortune
The sky breaks grey
But not in your world
Only to the outside
The outside world of the false personalites
The personalities all trying to become one another
Yet your world stays shocking
Forever vibrant
Forever stranded in a paradise that you may leave whenever you desire to succumb to the misfortune
Night shades the light to shadows
But even in the pitch of night
Your world devours the earth in its color
In its greatness
In your desires

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