Catalyst – By: D.e.e.L

Her horror
Her beauty
Her thought provoking hell
To which I thrived
Without her I would be still sleeping
Without her the dream would not exist
I still see her face in photos
Though just an image she is
Still the same
She has gone unchanged
Yet has forever corrupted my realm
To the point of perfect extinction
To the fine tip of the nuclear devastation
I am gone now
I forever now a was to who I used to be
Because of her
Because I spoke when she recited my name
Because I said hello
Because I kissed her
Because I miss her
Because I am forever lost without her
I am forever igniting
In the excitement of my endless ceremony
Dead as the dwelling as I still walk the world
As I now recite her name in memory
While she poses on the other side of the earth
The people staring and wanting to know her
The creator of both bliss and fantasy
The perfect desteuction to my blissful sorrow

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