A bottle and a smoke – By: D.e.e.L

How far would you go
To save someone from damnation
Would you surrender yourself
Would you take the knife to your chest instead

I place the bottle on the desk and continue to write

Where would you go once having saved them
There soul now an abomination
Who would you trust with that life meant for fleeing
There would be nowhere safer than your heart
Such an escape is invalid

I pick the bottle back up, swig from it and drop it onto the floor where it shatters

There would be a loss in such savior
To whom the beating was meant to protect
You became a thief of fate
There is no more good will to be earned
Not a drop
As you stare into someone
Glaring back at you
Wishing they had died to save another
Wishing you hadn’t risked your life for them

I light. The air fills of smoke. I place it into the ashtray and continue to write

Your greed tarnished their desires
You only wanted your own world to remain perfect
Without imagining the dreams of others
One can die a peaceful fate
To know that love has lived to linger
Within a world without them
Knowing a sacrafice was love
At it’s full form
The love to die
To let another miss you
For them to be forever thinking of you each day
To be thanked for eternity

I spit a cloud and return the cig to the ashtray

The one that forever seeks perfection
Fades their grasp
To the bounty of love around them
The one that does not realize
That people have so many ways to feel worth
Will hinder their own abilites to feel it too
To love everyone
To understand everyone
Is to love yourself
Equally to all beating hearts

I ash out the cig and turn off the light.

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