Black Fire – By: D.e.e.L

The flames were of ashes
The sands misted with death
A faint touch of life lingered there
And then faded away
Rose pedals were all that was left of the dismay
Left there by loved ones I presume
The premise of dark powder
I stepped through the soot and heard a snap behind me
I turned around to see the fire quicken to the sky
And it looked down upon me as if to judge
“Why care for what has passed?” The Fire asked me.
“I care for all time. For a second gone by does not mean it has fled from existance.” I replied.
“You fail to see the true meaning of desire,” said The Fire.
“No, it is only you that has failed. For you have taken beauty from this earth, you have dismissed souls before their time of meaning. Desire is not only bound to flesh as you assume.”
“Fool, mortal fool. You dare tempt The Fire to provoke embers to your flesh?”
“The Fire may take my flesh from this ground, though my words will still engulf you in the torment you deserve. For you know yourself to be wrong, and you know my world to exist beyond petty cravings.”

The fire singed me. Drowned me as it did the others. From this perch I now possess – I watch the onlookers, each of them standing to The Fire and telling it of its cowardice. For a world without courage, without passion, without love, does not truly exist. The Black Fire fades as we stand.

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