Fantasy – By: D.e.e.L

I woke up in a fantasy world
The muse of pain had vanished
I searched for it within this fantasy world
Such heartbreak is now tarnished
So I explored…
The trees of this world are bright red
The clouds are on the ground instead of over your head
The mist they create brings back the dead
But only so they can fix their beds
I walk up to one and he politely said
“Why hello, how are you? My name is Fred”
I shook the withered palm
And then he was gone
I traveled a bit more
And met another fantasy
A beautiful girl with wind in her hair
She was staring into nothing
Nowhere, but there
I walked over and stood by her side
She spoke to me
“What brings you to hide?”
I think of that word
And realize it’s true
I’ve been hiding from bliss
I’ve been hiding from you

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