Serene – by: D.e.e.L

The control
The insanity
The outbreak
All gone
To bask here in fantasy
Lost to the world I created
The world of chaos
That I made to bliss
Wrote to words
What is this?
Time, man-made, a constant bother
Reminding when we head to slaughter
But so much has passed from where I’ve been
This place now holds the unseen
What do I do without that control?
This place unseen can no longer conceal me
What do I do if to feel a soul beating?
This body now is feeling serenity
The sky is no longer pitched
And the grass no longer dying
A sun rules the skies
There are no words for trying
To grip that past pain
To fill myself with its misery
I’m lost from that place
This serene world…
It suits me

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