Unreal – By: D.e.e.L

Such a fathom
That should not exist
Though…it does
It’s there and I am here within it waiting and living and dreaming and dying and wanting and chasing
Here, here, here, I am not running or moving away
This place, spot, that should not even exist
And I dwell in the sorrows that can’t exist
Thinking of a life filled with them just to remember what used to be living
Now without
No sorrow or dwell
Just chaos of the human kind
Crashing against the pavement of our insanity as I slay the cascading red of the serpents tongue
It dies and I lay there
Looking up into
A world that is unreal
Without bounds
At a world that is fallling forever into a fever of fair pleasures
To this world
I lay wondering
Where I found the unreal
Where I met it
How it found me
What life will become because of it

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