Torture – By: D.e.e.L

My eyes can’t remain open long enough to see it all
My fingers eventually stop typing
And the sky eventually gets brighter
The wheels won’t move without money
Food doesn’t exist without wealth
And paper costs too much
I trade green paper for white and they say it makes sense
I trade hours of my life for money
And spend the rest on words and love
Just waiting for a downfall of dreams
For a night that lasts forever and the words never end
Where she lays on the bed reading
Understanding my ventures for pain
Knowing that the creation of worlds in black and white scattered text mean something to me
That I’d die without them
I would die
If not for money
If not for dreams
If not for her and the words, the paper and the miseries
Love and friends and death and life
Paper for paper and we all live in a world written by someone
Someone that didn’t let the light get in their way
or pain be their inspiration
Someone that can’t truly exist
But does
And laughs while crying because they are so beyond as their pen never ends and the story just keeps going on way past its finish because the money just keeps pouring in and the character never dies
Only revives
Again and again as we pay to read it
As we trade life for paper
Just to keep living

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