Toxic – By: D.e.e.L

Yesterday the moon died and I cried for an encore
I didn’t get it
Only darkness
Flooded darkness and the sky began to fall and the stars had no mother to watch them closely
So they rampaged through out the solar system
Flinging fire and atomic bombs of their nature to scorch the plains of worlds I have yet to imagine
All because a young child wished for hell because life is so hard
When such a fathom of true pain is not yet realized
Life was hard
Simply difficult
Because it was raining on the weekend and friends were all trapped inside playing video games alone
As a father drank
A mother sobbed
And a child became intoxicated by fear
The moon exploded and I wanted an encore
Because it was beautiful
And beauty should be experienced over and over again
Until we die
And the earth shatters
And something, someone, somewhere sees it end
And they think to themselves how beautiful a sight it is

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