Red Gold – By: D.e.e.L

Cash for love and we all die worthless
Another found you worth a chain that graced your neck for two years before it became rent
and they just became generous
a past keeps paying for gifts that mean nothing
Memories a new car, ring that gets rejected
denial fules the fantasy
and the grave digger starts to mark your spot
where the mummy wishes to pass on with possessions
Four years go by
and the price is raised
brick becomes a home
gold to red
and the house burns to ashes
all that’s left is handouts from strangers and families
someone starves to assist someone that spent hours work on luxeries
some assume it right
others help
rocks are worth more when they are rare
Rare Rocks
rocks made to kill for
as we all die worthless if not bound by them
the Heart beats for nothing

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