Vision of the Machine – By: D.e.e.L

The clockwork looks rare
but I can fix it.


Conversation less than cents.

the clock is mended as the tea is poured and the annoying bird emerges just as it had at the house visited in youth. the house with the jar of gumballs always full on the counter top. a basement that had nothing, but was so much fun to explore. a secret path lead behind the garage where there was vacant space: secret lair. tree in the front yard that was enormous to a child though not that tall.

Memories can’t be paid for.

Would you like some more tea?

Yes, please tell me more of this clock.


Yes, please.

sticks, almost like french fries but not. dried out small little sticks, like pretzels. cable, which was always fun to explore more than just a few channels. an old phone in the sunroom used for playing now and calling imagination.

Did it ever answer?

Every time.

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