Greed and Bust – By: D.e.e.L

like god damn balloons
the helium getting me high
higher than the television ever could
more off than curfew
and there it was just sitting there
a wad
bills rolled into bills and i grab it
a quick pocket transaction
rich in an instant
booze and tits and i bought the whole damn factory of clowns
all of it mine to destroy
in an instant
having it all made of green wasn’t enough
having it all not as good as desiring it
not as clean
not as beautiful
so i died
woke up the next morning and died again

years later i decided i wanted to live
but it was too late
i was rich and the hounds were crying for their feeding
they crave diamonds at this time of night
i grab a handful
throw it out the window
take a swig
and die

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