Dreams and Destiny – By: D.e.e.L

a dream exists to be chased while you’re walking
while you’re awake and not sleeping
and endlessly talking
to walls, to ears, to anything that will listen
you have something inside that is life’s ignition
your ambitions and goals and reality
that you strive for and dive for
even abandoning tranquilty
knowing it will be tough
sleepless over nights
just to get steps closer
pushing with your might
you doubt all the maybes
deny all the downers
this is your dream
your ground
there is no one else
that can be you
or see you
truly inside and out
sometimes it will hurt
cause your beating pain
but a dream is yours forever
so love it just the same
as you would love your family
your friends and your pets
love it like it’s beside you
because it will never leave
a dream is a fate you chase
a perfect destiny

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