heard of him? – By: D.e.e.L

between sets
is when i post the most to here
or before bed
when my mind is unclear

listening to songs on repeat
by bands no one knows
the singers and writers
that get it
i know

day of work at a desk
or frantically running
just waiting
to sketch a sentence with a pen

a beautiful picture painted with only words
as beautiful as the poet
or as close as i can get
do you think she will read this?
want to take a bet?

wake up from the last
get dressed and dash
out the door
into a car
arrive earlier than seven
clock in and swallow coffee
another cup five minutes later
maybe another in fifteen
is it reality yet?
has it finally stuck?
i’m still here
so it must be
yea…this really

sucks if there is a day
where i cannot get to words
though it is rare
it happens
severely burns

that’s why here
and about
at places i have to be
i pull out my phone
or notepad
and write what i see
what i’m doing
thinking of
or a life i wish to become
as i push through each day
living numb
sending and writing cover letters
with words stacked below
just hoping that someone will like it
enough to show another
who will show a passer by
“hey, hey you, have you heard of this D.e.e.L guy?”

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