The thoughts between the seams – By: D.e.e.L

when a night becomes a dark decay
you question what you did that day

why wait to see what next sun will bring
with sleep for dreams you do not sing

stay up
stay late
with a book in your hands
or a pen
some ink
to scribe your life’s demands
chatter your thoughts
hustling through your head
scatter them to the paper
before the ink runs dead
then peer down and into your dreams
you just placed them into a notebooks seams
somewhere rushing within your mind
you know what you want
but there is no time
to question choices
people or things
places and memories
petty things
you have the paper
and all your demands
so pick it up
into your hands
jump into the pages
and lose yourself quickly
there is a world out there
when you find it…
…will you tell me?

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