your place – By: D.e.e.L

is it possible?
that i was never loved
cared for
that no one would shatter their chest
to the hell of a bullet
for me
years ago i might have thought so
held her in my arms
pressed her against the wall
dreamt of true torment
but now i live it
waiting for the nails to fall out
that wrenching pain
willing agony
as she laughs
she cries from smiling too much
the clear salted droplets vanishing
before hitting the ground
where i lay
a hopeful demise
to take me soon
sweep me from your feet

surely you have better to do
yet you remain to bargain time
ask me then
whatever you want shall belong to you
you halt your thoughts
as you have no idea
the world keeps spinning
and you have no idea why you’re here

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