inked marble – By: D.e.e.L

silence is a question
these days gone by
each slowly
shatters does the dimension
upon my ached heart’s twist
there are places
where i want to be
others i wish to avoid
this marble of pain
and remedy
with so much to enjoy
you must take time to see it all
without crushing underneath
this realm has a lot to hold
within hands battered by the journey
this spin of words has grasped before
taught sweet souls to expand
to find a place upon this rock
forever spinning
to never stop
i wish
i want
and so much more
but without direction
i may fall short
but must continue
and carry on
you should lead
or if you rather follow
to expand these words
unto tomorrow
where i’ll wake clean minded
ink in mind
waiting to hit paper
words devine
i hope it’s a story
that will show
me the world i desire
that i need to grow
steps and jumps
bumps and stairs
forever climbing
fighting despair
we get there
we all do
as long as you know
this world is a marble
roll it
your imagination
eat off the gold plate
money is not riches
you’ll find it
me too
a family
or dog
a child or two
a new car
new house
some lights and some action
to have your moment
to be the main attraction
so just sit here
for now
write it all down
those wishes
and dreams
to what can afford
grab another job
or write your world
scribble it for starters
edit it to perfection
you’re so close
not far
from that marble ever glowing
so ink the paper
fill the marble’s void
become that person
that being inside

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