dessert – by: D.e.e.L

what’s taking you so long?
– just a minute!
it’s been ten! it’s just a shirt!
– be quiet, i’m just checking it first.
i’ve been just sitting out here waiting forever…
– alright, done. how do i look?
like you took your sweet time.
– hmmf, that’s not the answer i wanted!
you look beautiful, brat.
– heh, heh, much better!
you going to buy it?
– no.
well then…uh…nevermind. ready to go?
– yea just let me change back.
– it’ll be just a minute.
/ten minutes later/
it seems like it took you forever.
– i tried to hurry up.
i wrote a poem while waiting.
– i’ll read it in the car.
why not now?
– because i can’t.
and why is that?
– because i won’t.
and why is that?
– because you know why.
i’ll pretend that i do.
– ha, it will be how you love me.
well you know that it’s true.
– it will be how you want me.
of course, wouldn’t you?
– i’ll read it and sigh.
i’ll probably too.
– just hand it here.
you’ll read it?
– i might as well.
/three minutes later/
– what’s this word mean?
– and why are you sad?
i’m not.
– then why use such a word?
because i can. i had to use it and fall apart. i had to find meaning and i found you.
– i see. the next line raises from the last.
once i met you it all came so fast.
– i’ll tell you what.
so tell me now.
– let’s get dessert.
i’ll let you pay.
– such a gentleman.
hey, what can i say?

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