pushing the good grind – by: D.e.e.L

i’ve made mistakes

that i vow to fix

this world is eager

this art too mixed

with each reason for good

this crimson turns mud

the red verse of thoughts

creates a universe that rots

but too each moment

for what it is worth

these words are a symbol

that failing does hurt

so pick up the pieces

put them in place

forget the past misses

and pursue the face

of the once eager heart

the child that said

“i’ll be a writer”

that dreamer in bed

does still lay now

even with all of life’s troubles

there is still that dream

somewhere in the rubble

apart from this scene

where each day seems to skip

to another

with nothing to show

this life a dark fantasy

ending with snow

cold, bitter, and brisk

it will not fall forever

somewhere, fist beating

is this storms end weather

so i pack up my things

and i carry them out

onto the next step

to alter this drought

rain to sorrow

there is endless bliss

i will find today

not tomorrow

there are things i desire

and those i require

some are expensive

none too offensive

with every mistake

the mighty may fall

but always get up

each day and all

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