at eternity’s end – By: D.e.e.L

holding onto a nightmare
bringing it every night
resting a head to pillow
waiting for the sun to rise
there is a creature
waiting in the locked closest
at midnight the doors shake
as it tries to escape
the nightmare
it isn’t real
cold sweat waking up
the closet doors wide open
snapped from thier hinges
it’s freezing in this room
the winds outside whip the heat
but in here it is ice
eyes frozen shut
and the doors never close
the bed shakes
the ceiling fan snaps off and destroys the room
delicate treasures reduced to worthless trash
thrash the life in materials
there is nothing left at the torments end
the fan broken on the floor
room smoking
doors blown to pieces
the creature laughs
freezes the room with its presence
and now eyes are forever open
meant to stare at it all
for eternity
until the wind blows the heat in here
at eternity’s end

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