wasp – By: D.e.e.L

i lit a match
touched it to a candle
an hour later the place stunk of roses
but all the wasps were dead
landlord told me i did good
ignored this month’s rent
don’t mean hell to his pockets anyway
rich prick
but it screams to the skies for mine
was able to buy that new typer i’ve been wanting
and actually write something
something not in my haggard handwriting
and hopefully something to sell
stamps, envelopes, paper
i send these stories out to them all
these twisted poems
poems about chasing the dream
or zoning out to rainbows
but it doesn’t matter to them
they don’t want any of it anyway
but sure won’t stop me from trying
the new typer already has some dings on it
been carrying it around everywhere
those pricks at the coffee shop hate me
i’m the only one that actually writes something there
enjoy your lattes dreamers
i’ll just sip my tea in my reality
where i’m actually trying

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