Gypsy – By: D.e.e.L

“Get up.”
“You’re leaving.”
“Am not!”
“You’re leaving?”
“For how long.”
“Just until the moon sinks the sun.”
“I see. Will I ever see you again?”
“The rent is due. You’ll be kicked out before I get back.”
“You scumbag! Low life scum!”
“I’ll miss you.”
“Leave now!”
“Good luck.”

she. her. Kaci sits on a stolen park bench in front of room 5’s missing television in room 7.
she’s weeping now. Blake just left.
the door is locked. the landlord has a master key.
rent is really overdue. it was Blakes apartment.
Kaci, Gypsy – as she is also known. quit her job.
she wanted to be with Blake. Blake quit his job because he hated it. he wanted to spend his last night in the apartment watching the stolen black and white televsion screen alone.
but now he’ll head to the nearest pub, tavern, hole, and he’ll buy a beer and watch the big game in color. Blake doesn’t care who wins the big game. Blake doesn’t gamble. his last three dollars buys a single bottle of beer. the bottle is brown,clear,wet,cold,singing: Blake takes a sip. Kaci gets up and walks out of the apartment. she knows Blake will be at Red’s so she walks past it. knock, knock, knock. the door opens and Jasper asks Gypsy what she wants. Jasper knows exactly why she’s standing at the door. he tells her that she’s back on and starts tonight. Gypsy, she hates the name Gypsy, and so do most of the men she’s caused to go broke.

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