thin mints – By: D.e.e.L

fog covers the cliche’ of it all
as the girl scout delivers thin mints to the elderly couple
the old man places 1 in his steaming coffee
lets it sit for bit
and then enjoys black coffee with a hint of chocolate and mint
the woman, 72, eats just 1 while watching a soap opera
they bicker about the storyline
“Chad would never cheat on Jessica!”
declares the elderly woman
but the old man reminds her that Chad cheated on Amanda already, why not Jessica too…
she scoffs at him, blows her nose.
all the while the girl scout is walking around the same neighborhood
knockin’ in doors
saying “your cookies have arrived.”
the people all look pleased
and she still wonders why she only sold the thin mints
there are so many choices
and yet everyone wanted the same
all of these people
thinking to themselves…
“nobody understands me.”
“i’m so alone.”
“Chad would never cheat on Jessica.”
when he had already cheated on Amanda
why not Jessica too?

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