just a walk. – By: D.e.e.L

wake up and walk out. there is a sparrow falling from the sky. it hits three branches on the way down and the bottom of your foot itches but you have your high tops on. it’s a pain to take them off so you deal with the itch. a young poet is trying to sell you his latest words for a dollar and you flick him a nickel and ask for none. he says thanks but flicks you the bird. the sun is shining and you’re hungry. you stop at that burger joint that your girlfriend hates because she is a vegetarian and the place smells like it tastes. you describe it to your friends as the taste of heaven but the last time you actually went to church was when your friend’s sister got married to the same mechanic that did your car’s last oil change. you order the deluxe burger and a milkshake. they were all out of strawberry. strawberry is your favorite but you got vanilla instead. there was not enough ketchup on your burger but you ate it anyway. it’s just a burger. walking back the poet doesn’t even bother to ask. you hand him your reciept and tell him it’s writing paper. he laughs.

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