All the good parts – By: D.e.e.L

All the rain crashes down
And there is a silence
In the room
As the roommate watches soccer
And I watch cartoons
While eating a bowl of popcorn
And the window is open
Pumping in cool air
Rain making it through
Every so often
And hitting me in the arm
But I’m too lost
In the visuals of my youth
To really care
And the popcorn kernels are the best part
My roommate shouts “GOAL!”
And I shout “VICTORY!”
And the bowl is empty
But out of habit I keep scraping my fingers against the bottom
Wondering what happened to all the good parts
The parts that I remember
The parts that never actually happened
But I could’ve sworn they did
All those years ago while eating peanut butter
Out of the jar
On a Saturday morning
Knowing that once noon hit the clock
The only thing on would be sports
And I’d have to go outside
Ride my bike to a friend’s house
And shoot paintball guns at pop cans
Until the street lights came on
And all the good parts of the day would be over

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