Where did you find that mango? – By: D.e.e.L

Where did you find that mango?
It doesn’t look like it belongs here
Us, being in the middle of a dead-end
Next to your grandparent’s graves covered in dead roses
While the dog shits on someone named Earl Jones
And the leash is wrapped six times around a tree
The handle still in your hand as you weep
And I regret buying the extra-long dog leash.
Where did you find that mango?
The only store we’ve been to all day was a department store
You convinced me that my ass looks great in these nut hugging jeans –
Shiny and black
I feel like I’ve wrapped a dead seal around my crotch
And it’s gasping for air.
You tried on a pink dress
Tight and slick
I told you to buy it and you couldn’t decide
So I spent an hour outside of a dressing room
Launching birds at forts built by pigs
And before I beat that level that tripped me up for a half hour
You came out and said you didn’t want to buy anything
I haven’t even had a chance to check if it saved.
Where did you find that mango?
We did stop at your mother’s house for a moment
I had to explain to her for the eighth time what it means
To be gluten-free
As she was shoving baked goods towards my mouth
And your dad was singing in the bathroom
With the fan on full blast
And a can of chili sitting on the counter
“Extra Cajun”.
Where did you find that mango?
You have been carrying your little purse all day
The one that makes me feel like I’m carrying a “Castanza Wallet”
I don’t see how you could fit one in there or anything at all
I’ve seen you drop it twice from your wrist
But never near a grocery stand
Or a bum
Where did you find that mango?
The dog hasn’t brought over any random objects since we got here
I don’t remember seeing it in the car on the way here
While Wishbone was trying to read a book by tearing it apart
The book that cost me sixty dollars for a class that has nothing to do
With my major
And you just laughed at how he looked “so studious”
As I was yelling
That I wouldn’t be able to afford another pair of nut huggers
Anytime soon
In a joking matter.
Do mangos grow on trees?
Have we stepped into a forest?
Wishbone! Not on the poets!

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