cold alphabet soup – By: D.e.e.L

heart wrenching

mind breaking

and the soup is cold

upon a table with no plates

no honor

and no forks

dwindling fire in a pit

in the middle of the living room

made up of old dolls

or what used to be old dolls

surrounded by rocks

stained by guilt

charring guilt

and the sky light looks nice today

the sun glaring onto the crackling porcelain faces

can’t help but wonder

when the rest of the roof will cave

and more shingles will fall into cold soup

that  would be eaten regardless

because it’s starving here

in this cage

composed of imagination

and ravaged salvation

while the teapot screams

louder and LOUDER

and the sun fades away as grey clouds spill their hatred

onto your only flame

and you begin to weep

and wonder

and pretend it all isn’t happening

that you’re dreaming

that he or she is still here

and there is a wave-pool in the amusement park your mind is in


but you are struck

by a wave

and you slam your head down

you split your skull open

a childish pleasure becomes a red tormenting pain

then snap!

there you are

back in that room

the ceiling collapsing

burying small faces

putting out the flames

and filling your bowl with shingles

you eat it anyway


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