Balcony – D.e.e.L

Seconds dominate the zygote
That emperor of the Sun
Whisper to me Anne
or are you deaf now?
Nothing but dog calls screech
we were all right here
Sacrificing ourselves
To the hounds of the gate
Was it three heads or two?
I’m sure it is tucked away somewhere
Or I could search it with this tablet I’m using to write
I could ask the smoker below my balcony
To tell me when he’s done dying
Have you ever tried to suck on Caramel?
It’s impossible
The second you place it in your mouth
You bite
And don’t  get to exhale the flavor
I rinse my mouth out with mint flavored alcohol
Because it’s the norm
Our air conditioner sticks out of a brick wall
I can see it from my seat on the balcony
It’s ruffled
It’s metal exposed to the outside air bent
A thin creek below
I should go down there to finish this
Lay against a tree
Like I did my first year of college
In front of the pond
But this balcony has become too cozy
Knit and refreshing
The hounds
They howl before they sleep
Merchants just count their change
While the poets finish their wine
And the mother’s change their babies
Kissing makes a funny noise
Dying makes too many
Stores close at nine
Steak is delicious
But my friend is a vegetarian
I can look at a cow and think steak
But not a tree and think salad
Maybe it’s because we don’t eat leaves
Just like we don’t eat all animals
At least I don’t
I don’t hunt either
There are video games for that
And I don’t play those ones
I play the shooters
The adventures
Change your characters look to yourself
To who you would be
If not stuck
Long bow
Or pistol
Or super powers
always being stuck in a world created by someone else
Someone designed this balcony
Some people used it for beer pong
Long chats with glasses of wine
Reading and watching the sunset
I just use it to write

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