Singe – D.e.e.L

Don’t rush this time

                                    Take the time to do something exhausting

Flap your wings

Do you even have any?

Some people have three

They are the ones we must watch for

If rain ever falls that singes the skin

Grab on to the ones with three wings

Let them take you to the island


                        But what if they get lost?

Who will tell us the way? How will be get there? What if I fall?

            They have a wing they may lend you

You may exhaust it

Into the sun

Where the fire falls

And in the eye

You see her

The weeping mistress to the moon

Who desires only to be touched

But never felt


            I say I will try my best to find this dove

That floats in the sky

Trying will never get you there

No map is ever completed by trying

No song ever decayed from trying to forget

The poet does not try to lyric the land


            I will find

The soft moonlit touch of her hand

Then go

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