25 – D.e.e.L

midnight is still so far
or maybe it’s not
quickly it chases the hands around the track
again, go around again
don’t stop until I’m golden
living with the beatiful view
a glass of lemonade while sitting on a rooftop
that overlooks a king’s view
the lemonade is a bit too sweet
and the chair a bit uncomfortable
but the view. the view is great
unless it’s raining of course.

keep going hands
run from the father of time
don’t even stop at the finish line
keep going

how long until the clock breaks?
the seconds skip a beat
the bird doesn’t go nuts

how long until the clock gets replaced?
by another
the newer model
the digital
it’s so much more modern
one simply can’t be without it

lack of sleep becomes tiring to think about
so the mind clears
counting time
while staring at green numbers composed of blocks,lines,imagination
do you see the pot?

it makes a digital pot
to keep your imagination safe
place it in there and relieve the burden
for just a few moments

think about midnight

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