Frozen,SWOOSH,create,Cheers – D.e.e.L

screen freezes and you have to ehhhh go out in the sun
hawks steal rodents, don’t they? i mean, they don’t exactly give them back. picking at dead and decaying, no wealth or skills other than those needed to survive. and then SWOOSH! a hawk comes and nothing matters anymore. that dead thing was almost worth it though, or that decaying hamburger. – mustard (no ketchup), pickles, onions, hot sauce
story was almost finished too. then, FREEZE! Cut-It-Out
Go Enjoy The OUTDOORS – the creak is too simple to mingle near and it is windy.
walking and the hawks can be heard. jogging and they fall silent to the absent minded concentration
shit; trip.
damn. this is going to scar. the hawks smell blood right? or is that sharks? can sharks smell underwater? can i smell underwater? how could anything possibly smell underwater?
grab something quick to stop the bleeding! not dirt, idiot. a leaf? that’s poison ivy! enjoy that burn. that jalapeno sting. though not as tangy i imagine, since i will never eat poison ivy unless payed well to do so on a dare. twenty bucks, eat that! only twenty? what if my mouth swells up? fifty? i’m not sure how much it would cost. the bleeding has ceased though.
when will this jog cease? is the screen still frozen? guess i wouldn’t know. hmmm, roses…in someones lawn. Jessica would like those. who’s Jessica?
look a hawk! it’s coming! no it’s not…
yes! run! where?
to…the uhh…barn! there is no barn… oh wait.
where are we? where is this taking place?
the screen froze. had to find another means to create.
to explore something. the hawk passes by and the rodents cheer.

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