Jaki is FREE TO READ! And another scary tale gets added!!!




Now FREE is the first part to Jaki’s Dark Second Sun adventure.

Jaki’s adventures will only expand over time. This one focuses on his quest to end the eternal torment being created by the dark second sun that Grall has created. Will Jaki be able to stop this abomination and push even further in his struggle to end Grall’s rule once and for all? He must first acquire some mystical artifacts to help him destroy the dark second sun. As he travels on he meets new allies, and many servants to Grall hoping to end the quest of the man determined to stop their leader’s demonic rule. The Incredible Jaki will not stop for nothing.



This new poem recently released has an eerie vibe much like the one found in my other story Black Winter. In – I can almost hear her – a missing person comes back after years of being away. But she is acting strange, what could be wrong with her? What happened to her while she was away? https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/359579



A detective calls upon the talents of a young woman being kept in an asylum. Someone has hired him to stop a string of murders happening in the small town of Harper’s Arms. Trouble is, he can’t even see the killer. All the townspeople claim it to be the ghost of a young girl, all the authority in the town failed, all else doesn’t believe a word of it. However, the detective needs a paycheck.

Will this girl be able to help the detective stop the string of murders surrounding Harper’s Arms? What makes her so special and necessary for the detective? Abigail Weston is pulled into a gory case alongside the detective that has requested her aid and pulled her from the asylum. Why was she in there in the first place? What skills does she possess that the detective requires?




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