vengeance – D.e.e.L

devil’s henchmen tie a noose
like a neck-tie it’s always too tight
but looks oh so nice alongside the agony

“i want a new story!”
“what was wrong with that one?”
“alright, alright…”

devil’s henchmen bake a pie
an apple delight that tastes of the stars
a sweet, simple taste.
the dark spawn licks its lips
even laps up the remains on its palms

“eh, stop.”
“what now?”
“this story is creepy.”
“you’re creepy!”
“new story!”
“okay, okay…”

devil’s henchmen shut off the machine
Boss Demon: Good work today, fellows.
Workers: Yea, yea…
Chuck: Fruit punch at my place?
Charles: No way, that stuff will kill ya!
Chuck: You worry too much.
Charles: You don’t worry enough!
Chuck: You let me worry about that!
Boss Demon: Hey! You two, get!
Chuck/Charles: Yea, yea…

“new story!”

devil’s henchmen fly a kite.

“new story!”

devil’s henchmen get dressed for the wedding.

“new story!”
“what is it you want to hear?”

devil’s henchmen climb the ladder to the portal.
Sam: You first.
Carl: Why me?
Sam: Because i’m older.
Carl: No you’re not.
Sam: Just go.
Carl steps through the portal and is amazed…

“what does he see!?”
“i’ll tell you, just hold on.”

Sam: Carl, Carl what do you see?
Carl: Come in here. It’s AMAZING!!
Sam: Coming!
They both stare down at the sky.
Sam: Are we flying?
Carl: I don’t know. It feels like there is a floor under my feet.
Sam: Yea.
Carl: You don’t think we’re in…
Sam: The boss won’t be happy if he finds out…
Carl: Maybe he won’t.
– Silence –
Carl: Sam? Sam?

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