Balcony V -D.e.e.L

I hear cars and people
Rushing to appointments
Groceries or the ER
Or nowhere, just drugged stick driving
Until I put my headphones in
Those same white headphones everyone has

I can hear a violin beside beats
There are new dogs below the balcony
Who let them out?
I’m thrilled to see what they’ll do next
“I got him.”
She says to someone without a voice
Luke was running away but came back

There looks to be a botched paint job on the balcony
Or maybe it’s just bird shit
The wall is white
The angle looks odd
How fast can birds go?
I’ll pretend it’s paint
It is paint after all

Came down from the stars?
An island, maybe?
Save us
From the fish
With those gills
And false smirks
Putter away small sea rodents
The traps all float
Not even the cheese entices them anymore

There is a fable somewhere in that

Clap, alongside the violin
And the beats kicks in again
I’d bob my head but my neck hurts

If I look through the trees
Even without my glasses
I can see cars

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