Balcony VII – D.e.e.L

Black and raining at 7:51 pm on a Thursday
The balcony smells of the tobacco smoke that’s made its way up again
Is he still smoking underneath? I fear for the flowers

Parking lot of the School through the trees flickers of white and yellow, red
And orange light casting over all hangs on the scholarly brick wall, only in image
It sits atop a single light post
Meant to guide the entire lot
I can hear voices
Adults not making a sound
But children crowing to one another to no end
Squeak, squawk, haha, ahoooooo!! Cluck, bark, Move!!

It’s raining
Trees look light silhouettes
Lit up from the back by the orange light
Cars leaving to no end

Almost ten minutes have passed
Two cars with red lights still on
One car with no lights on at all

It’s too dark to see the rain
But the black cords coming from the wooden post are knocked by the drops
I can see some of the dark leaves shining from the water weighing down on them

The dogs aren’t out
Maybe they’re afraid of the rain

Maybe they’re sleeping
Fell asleep during a movie
101 Dalmatians

The depths below are increasing
As the rain
Moves faster
Quicker and harder
Crashing from the skies to the creek
The grass where the dogs play
The flowers
Oh, the flowers
Please survive she needs you

The orange light still on
But the lot empty
Nothing now but shimmering black and orange asphalt
Mist like smoke kicking up from behind all the cars on their ways home

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