toxicology – D.e.e.L

six blocks for a bottle
no gin or vodka
no cash or credit

“are you sure about this?”
“trust me”
“i don’t think this is a good idea”
“then quit thinkin'”

palm around a pistol
eyes blinking causing a headache

“can’t we just come back when we have money?”
“are we?”

he/she pushes the door open to Bourbon’s Liquor
she/he points a barrel at Hector
Hector makes for a shotgun
he/she or she/he shoots Hector

“grab what you can”

six blocks
fist fulls of bourbon
no innocence or remorse
just toxicity

he pours them down the drain
she/he laughs at the television
he doesn’t lock the door behind him
he/she doesn’t notice a thing
on a couch
in an apartment
but happy until tomorrow

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