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– Novel, Charred Crimson will be released as an ebook on at the end of the month of November, it will be FREE until 2014!!! – edition released free will be pre-editing for the most part as I spend the month of December prepping it for a larger release


Check out my updates here – including page count and story updates all November long!


charred crimson smashwords cover


D.e.e.L has been writing most of his life; though as a child the stories made much less sense and contained much fewer words, as well as some poorly drawn pictures. Becoming anything but a writer has never been something to cross his mind. He grabs any second within the ticking hands to create new worlds of words and chooses some of them to post online to his many blogs; hoping only to have at least one person obtain a smile upon reading. He has one story collection out so far titled “Blissfire” , which is available on He also wrote this entire bio himself, which made wording things rather awkward and he hopes that he doesn’t sound conceited.


ebooks –


Where to find more –


Blissfire – Story Collection –


Newest ebook – B A R R I C A D E –
B A R R I C A D E is many things. B A R R I C A D E is desire, lust, wealth, murder, revenge. B A R R I C A D E is family, loneliness, love, and loveless. What you think you know about B A R R I C A D E is not real. B A R R I C A D E is escape. Enter through the B A R R I C A D E and leave the world behind.


Free to Read story on Wattpad – The Scrubs Thief –


Search – DeeLioPunk for all sorts of words and fun stuff!


Writing, video games (who doesn’t love video games? , Borderlands 2 still being my favorite escape for now) , Watching Kung Fu movies – because they’re awesome, attending college, working full-time, running, excercise, spending time reading and writing on the balcony of my apartment
Favorite noveling music:
Noveling Music? What I listen to when I write? Hmm, okay. The Crystal Method, Craig Armstrong, Bones Domingo, The Section Quartet, Dark Tranquilty, My most listened to as of recently is Lindsey Stirling while I write – I recommend her, very very good
Favorite books or authors:
Authors – Bukowski, Thompson, Stephen King, Nick Hornby, Chuck Palahnuik, Jonathon Ames –
Favorite book – Pulp, by Bukowski

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