Pistol Wrists 4 – Out 2/14/14

So I know Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet and the stores already are filled with Christmas merchandise…buuuut I’m already thinking about Valentines Day! If anyone has read the previous Pistol Wrists stories they probably know how crazy they can get. Two out of the three have been released on Valentines Day, so maybe it’s some sort of tradition for me, I think it suits it, there’s love in there…right?

The first Pistol Wrists – A teenager thinks he knows “It” better than anyone and does something drastic to set himself apart from everyone else. He’s out to prove something, but what is “It”?


The Pistol Wrists story continues in Pistol Wrists 2 – His actions from story 1 have caught up to him and now he is on the run. Will he be stopped? Can he be?


Pistol Wrists 3: The Enlightened – Having been on the run he finds refuge in a small diner. All of the customers staring him down. He’s a wanted man. What will the people do? He’s hungry and needs to eat.


Find all three stories here – https://deeliopunk.wordpress.com/2013/03/04/pistol-wrists-parts-1-2-3-by-d-e-e-l/

*Spoilers* With three ending the way it did, what do you think will happen next? His seemingly insane cause having spread to others, he now has followers willing to live just as he has chosen to. What about the girl? Is she just trying to protect herself? Or does she really love him?

Sound off in the comments about what you think! And I hope that you’re as excited for PW4 as I am!

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