chirp – D.e.e.L

a day of rest that ended in hurt
he was sick he told work

so home he slept
where she visited to meet

with someone else
upon the bed that he sleeps

she opened the door
and walked in with another

he woke up
and saw her with his brother

he went to go punch him
but he can’t stay mad

his brother would make
for a wonderful dad

so he packs up his things
says some choice words to both

gets in his car
and heads to work

at his desk
he plants his head in his palm
and sobs
and sobs
for very long

he writes this poem
looks down at the words

he discovers that he
should have flicked them the bird

then he laughs
the tears have dried

all those times
that they both lied

he finishes this poem
and then starts a long story

a story about love and lies
and everying harsh word

and when he writes it
he doesn’t forget to flick them the bird


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