Coffee and Barriers – D.e.e.L

work, write, drink, be merry

i’m on my third cup of coffee in two hours

we all wake up each day with the same thought

that today will count, today something will be made

work, but don’t let the world fall away

study, but also learn from experience

love, and remember what it feels like when you’re drowning

when you’re on the bottom looking up

we all hit that bottom, everyone of us eventually

if not once, maybe twice, or time and time again

but there is hope down there

at the bottom

chances, other people, lovers and liars

drink up, drink coffee, your diet coke, your milk, orange juice with your breakfast

get up, walk, run, sprint, fly

we can all achieve great things, but worries will always be a barrier

it comes down to one thing

how well can you climb?

are you willing to fall onto the other side once you reach the top?

there could be dangers there, on the other side of that wall

dangers that you aren’t ready for

but it will be alright, you will learn to maneuver around them, break through them


what’s stopping you?

a refill?

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