A short-short story/poem- By: D.e.e.L

i take another sip
place it on the table
lean back
they ask
what happened?
i tell them the same scheme over and over
i walked in for a burger
and all they had were diamonds
the tall one slams his fist down on the table
the short one calms him down and asks me again

they ask me what i was doing there
wallace was going to lose his baby girl
unless he could come up with rent money
to prove to the courts he could support her
, johnson
he just wanted to score cash to throw it around
his life in no need for such desires
and me, i lost my child because of the same situation
that wallace was in
but he’ll be fine now
i won’t rat him out

they ask me again what i was doing there
looking for the most beautiful ring
they ask me why
i tell them
and the tall one punches me
he doesn’t think i’d make a good step dad

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