The Game

A Short-short story/ Poem – By: D.e.e.L

just talk they tell me
that it will be alright if i spew vowels
rat out the maggots
i should
after what they did to me
put me in here
with these two clowns
i won’t though
even though they deserve it

they tell me again
it happened quick
take the jewels
no one does anything stupid
wallace, he pulled the trigger and let loose this whole mess
dammit, wallace why did you have to do that?
both of them scrammed
johnson shot my leg
both of them left me there
to take the fall

they tell me again
i ask for a drink
and they laugh at me
i tell them
and it get placed before me
i take a sip
lean back
and ask them what the score of the game is

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