Splints meets D.e.e.L

By: D.e.e.L

“why don’t you have a drink, writer?”
“because i’m writing this poem we are in.”
“all the greats used to drink.”
“yea, they used to.”
“don’t you want to be one of the greats?”
“of course. but times have changed.”
“suit yourself then…”
“Deel? well that’s never going to catch on. you need something like my name, Charles ‘The Solver’ Splints.”
“that is quite catchy.”
“i thought of it myself.”
“no you didn’t.”
“hmmf, like you would know. barkeep, one more go of the same.”
“any jobs you working on, Splints?”
“two right now. they’re sitting on your desktop, you started them because ediiting your novel gets boring.”
“it doesn’t get boring, i just like to create new stories a lot.”
“yea, okay. well finish that novel up so i can take a few more jobs. my apartment could use a few refills.”
“i’m sure it can. i’ll get right on that.”
“you know…you’re not such a bad guy after all.”
“good to know i suppose. were there really ever any doubts?”
“oh, you know…the guys talk. Hank and his crazy stories, you know how he gets. Banton and Jaki always arguing. it’s just nice to finally meet you.”
“same to you.”
“can you write me up a dame?”
“worth a shot. barkeep!”


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