Plot Twist

by: D.e.e.L

life doesn’t always seem like it
but everything can happen for a reason
if you make better of it
if you don’t dwell on the negativity of it

sitting and writing alone.
but so are so many others.
all of us feeling alone.
each of us promoting stories to others within a community of authors and readers.
we’re not alone.
but that time spent at the desk with the laptop on
that feeling you get when you devise a new plot twist
your heart pounding
i wouldn’t trade that for the world.

some of the stories come from heartache
some from bad decisions
stories can be a way to escape
or feel accomplished
reading or writing we’re learning
and loving

i don’t regret what i’ve been through
because i enjoy what i have written because of it

make the best of life
no matter your passion
no matter where you’ve been
what you’ve been through
find that spark
your story
and enjoy every plot twist along the way.


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